Friday, January 1, 2010

Constant Journey!

Well, Today is Jan.1 2010 and I decided to start a new blog today! Weight has always been a struggle for me, as it is for many. I have seriously debated whether or not I should start a blog to write about trying to loose weight. I am never too open about things like that because, well... I just think if I tell everyone then people will be watching me. Well, this year I decided that I am going to blog about eating healthy, exercising and hopefully loosing a few pounds. Steve helped me think of the name of this blog "What goes up must come down". He is so supportive and thankfully he is attracted to me and supportive of anything I do. Even if I never lost a pound I know he would still adore me. But for my own health and to help me feel better I am starting this blog. I hope that it can help others too! I would love people's feedback and thoughts and support. Hopefully if any of you are in the same predicament this blog will help you too! If you have any ideas you want me to post just let me know.

I am going to post new healthy recipes and substitution ideas on here too. So if you have any great recipes or tips send um on over. Happy blogging to all and hopefully this helps!

Happy New Year!

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